When the “forcible rape” language appeared in HR3, activist Chloe Heintz asked a collective of her fellow feminist students to take action, making videos to reflect the reality that the bill denied: that rape is in itself a violent crime, and that any restriction on access to reproductive rights is an attack on anyone in the US who can get pregnant.

Ms. Heintz’s video went viral. Her story is a powerful testimony to the reality of many rape survivors and the Planned Parenthood centers and other clinics that serve them. She was interviewed on CBS, and is now a Community Educator with Victim’s Assistance Services. We’re so proud and honored to have her in our community.

In addition to individual stories, I wanted to visually represent collective action. The first crowd-sourced video drew on contributions from people from several states, ranging in age from their teens to their sixties, people male and female, straight and queer, libertarian, democrat, socialist, and more. The message is simple: we want to live in a country that respects reproductive freedoms.

The second crowd-sourced Join Hands for Choice video is now online. It was made by the original group of young feminists that Ms. Heintz intially mobilized into action. Please watch it, share it, and if you want to join us in this message, take a photo or video of your own handwritten or typed statement for choice and e-mail it to joinhandsus@gmail.com.

The next crowd-sourced video will be coming soon, and it will be based around the NARAL Lobby For Choice day. Stay tuned for details on how to participate, or e-mail joinhandsus@gmail.com for more info.